Initial CPC

Initial Driver CPC (for drivers passing the car driving test after January 1997 and not passing a PCV before September 2008 and not passing a LGV before September 2009)

Consists of a CPC Theory Test and a CPC Demonstration test which is conducted on site. This will give the driver the DQC Card (Driver Quailification Card) this will last for 5 years and within that five years the driver will need to complete the Periodic CPC Classroom based.

Module 2 – Driver CPC case studies test (computer-based exercise with 7 studies based on real-life situations)

Module 4 – Driver CPC practical demonstration test (this takes 30 minutes – you will need to show you can keep your vehicle safe and secure, Tested on site by our own assessor

The initial CPC  is a practical, ‘show me’, the test is 20-30 minutes long and covers questions in the following areas; Daily walk-around checks, the ability to prevent physical risk, loading and the security of loads, keeping the vehicle secure, emergency procedures, loaded vehicle dynamics, border crossings, and security procedures. This encompasses a wide range of situations typically encountered by drivers and is covered in full by our instructors. CPC for both Passenger Vehicles and Goods Vehicles are covered by Atkin’s LGV Training.

Initial Driver CPC Cost per Driver

This CPC is for drivers who passed their car test AFTER 1997 and DO NOT have a Class C1 qualification on their licence.

Case Study Module 2 Test Fee, Case Study Reading Material, Demonstration Module 4 Tuition, Demonstration Test Fee – £300.00