Course Timetable

The Training Course Timetable

We offer training 7 days per week. First you need to decide how many hours you can devote to the training. The timetable below is based on a candidate being able to spend between 12-18 hours per week studying for theory test. As the example shows, with successful first time passes this candidate has qualified and is ready to work by week 6.

Due to COVID, DVLA and DVSA changes to licences the process is now taking longer than it used to. This is frustrating for you and everyone at Atkins, we have the staff and vehicles but the DVSA don’t have enough examiners to accommodate the high demand for driving tests.

Your timetable need to to be flexible as your exam dates are subject to availability from the Driving Vehicle Standards Agency.

Start work in 12-16 weeks depending on when you passed your car driving test.
Week 1Receive study material for theory tests and application forms. Arrange medical exam. Send licence application to DVLA. Begin studying for theory tests.
Week 3-4Continue studying for theory tests while awaiting for licence from DVLA.
Week 3-4Licence returned from DVLA. Contact Atkin's to arrange your theory tests.
Week 8-10Sit and pass theory tests.
Week 12-16Complete the 16 hrs or 20 hrs practical training, which includes your driving test. Sit and pass driving test.
You are now ready to start work as a professional driver.
Required training if passed car test after 1st January 1997
Week 1Receive study material for cpc module 2 theory test.
Week 2Sit and pass cpc module 2 theory test. Contact Atkin's to arrange the cpc practical test.
Week 3Complete the cpc module 4 practical test. You are now ready to start work as a professional driver.

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