Car – Class C+E

From the 15th November 2021 the DVSA changed the Laws on passing your Class C+E. You can now bypass the Class C and go straight for the Class C+E. Due to the changes from the DVSA you have to pass the reversing and uncoupling test before you can attend a driving test. Once you pass this, you will be given a pass certificate which will be valid for 6 months. Within that time you will need to pass the on road test at a driving test centre.
Our course will consist of 34 hours ONE-TO-ONE Tuition which will include Class C experience, Reversing + Uncoupling Tuition + Test and Class C+E Tuition + Test. 
The first step is to have a medical, when this has been done, you need to send the medical forms which we provide and your current driving licence off to the DVLA for them to process the provisional entitlement to drive the Class C+E. When you have received your licence back we can then book your theories (multiple choice and hazard perception) at a centre closest to yourself.  We supply the study material for your theories.
Once these theories have been passed, we will book you in for the Class C experience and the reversing and uncoupling training. Once the reversing and uncoupling test is passed we will then give you a date for the C+E driver training and test. Once you have passed the Class C+E you will hold a licence for the Class C1, C and C+E.
Car to Class C+E Deposit
34 Hours£2042.00 EXC VAT

Please be aware you will require a CPC to drive for hire or reward, please see the Initail CPC page or call Atkins LGV Training for more details.

To book now please phone 01274 686 211 all major credit cards accepted, payment plans available