Price List

Provisional Licence Weekday Medical£50
Provisional Licence Weekend Medical£60
Renewal Medical£70
Theory Test's Study Material£30
Theory Test Fee£40
16 Hour Course Class D1 (Mini Bus) Or Class C1 (7.5 Tonne)£740
16 Hour Course Class 2 (C)£810
16 Hour Course Class 1 (C+E) Or Class D (Coach)£820
20 Hour Course Class D1 (Mini Bus) Or Class C1 (7.5 Tonne)£850
20 Hour Course Class 2 (C)£940
20 Hour Course Class 1 (C+E) Or Class D (Coach)£960
8 Hours Class B+E (Car & Trailer)£280
12 Hours Class B+E (Car & Trailer)£380
Practical Driving Test Fee All Classes £115
Automatic or Manual Refresher Course Class 2 (C)£100
CPC Module 2 Study Material£30
CPC Module 2 Theory Test Fee£23
CPC Module 4 Training and Use of Vehicle£120
CPC Module 4 Test Fee£55
CPC Periodic Training 7 Hours£45
CPC Periodic Certificate and Upload 7 Hours Fee £8.75


We have heard a lot of horror stories from customers who went elsewhere, they booked without knowing what questions to ask, some of them lost all their hard earned money, here are some questions you need answering.
  1. Do they have their own local reversing pad
  2. Do they do the training on a One to One basis
  3. Are they an agent or do they have their own vehicles in the local area
  4. Do they get you a good price on a local medical
  5. Is the training done locally
  6. Do they pre-book tests so you do not have to wait months for a test date
  7. Do they give free extra reversing to anyone that is finding it difficult
  8. After making an enquiry do they constantly pester you to book with them
  9. Can I meet you before I pay any money
  10. Can I pay a deposit until my training starts or do I need to pay all the money up front


If the company says you need to pay for everything up front then stay clear. A lot of companies have gone out of business and the money paid being lost